DSD, stands for Discover Scuba Diving or some may called it Try SCUBA , is meant for those who would like to try scuba diving but are not yet ready to get a diving certification course, yet. In this program you will learn what scuba diving is all about. This is also a great way for you to start your underwater adventures. 

This program is well known as a product of PADI. An equivalent of Discover Scuba Diving in SSI is Try Scuba Diving (TSD). 

How do we do DSD

Ratio for this program is 1 : 2 per diver meaning one guide will take you to the ocean with maximum number of 2 people. The dive guide accompanying you will then guide you all the time under the water. There is a chance a dive guide will give you some autonomy under the water, depending on whether or not you can adapt quickly, but they will always on your reach. 

Even if you are not a good swimmer, you can still do a DSD. This is the reason why guides will stick by your side under the water.

Before going down with the diving equipment though, your scuba diving guide will tell you some basic theories about scuba diving. How you breathe & move underwater, how to use certain equipment, and the safety measures you need to take when you are diving. 

These theories will then be practiced in a practice pool where you will try to get used to all the equipment and the pressure underwater. 

Requirements to do DSD

There are not many requirements to do Discover Scuba Diving. Depending on which dive center you go, some will ask a minimum age of 10 year old and set a maximum number of DSD can be done to 2 dives per day or maybe more. 

Depth Limit

Both SSI and PADI have the same depth limit for their beginner program. New divers joining this program are only allowed to dive in a maximum 12 meters (40 feet) depth. Meanwhile if you are interested in taking your license with an Open Water course, the maximum depth you are allowed to dive in is 18 meters (60 feet). 

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