Open water is a course where you will get your open water scuba diving license. Getting your diving license means that you will understand the basic terminology and principles of scuba diving. This license will then allow you to go dive as deep as 18 meters. 

Depending on local laws, you will also be allowed to dive autonomously with your dive buddy. However, there are also some places which laws prohibit you from doing so. That means, even if you have your open water license you will still need to be under the supervision of a dive guide. 


Open Water is more of a term coming from PADI. The level of this course is for beginner divers. For other organizations, here is the equivalence. 

  1. ISO: Autonomous Diver
  2. CMAS: One-Star
  3. SSI: Open Water Diver
  4. NAUI: Scuba Diver

E-learning Open Water Course

If you are planning to get certified next summer and do not have plenty of time to go to dive centers and do the course there, there is an online course available at $231. 

After you have done your online course, you will then just have to do the Swimming Pool Session practice & a quick review on the Dive Center, before go to the Open Water ( Ocean)

Prerequisites to Get Your Open Water License

There are some prerequisites needed for you to be able to get your Open Water license. They are as follows:

  1. Minimum age of 10 years old
  2. Able to swim 200 Meter
  3. Float without swimming Aid 10 Minute
  4. Physically fit to do scuba diving. 


Normally, there are steps required for you to do before you earn your license. They are as follows:

  1. You have done your material session where you learn the diving theory on SCUBA Diving.
  2. You will do at least five confined water sessions. This could be a diving pool. 
  3. You will do at least four open water dives

Next Step

If you already have your Open Water license, then the next thing for you as a scuba diver is to get your Advanced Open Water